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Posting Pictures

Postby admin » 13 Tue Sep, 2016 3:24 pm

You only set up the host account one time
You only need an email and password to create the host account
Just remember/write down the email and pw for next time

The preferred image hosting site is is free and simple to use, just follow these simple tips and the steps below.

a good image size for this forum is 640×480. On, this is set when you upload your pic

After you've uploaded your picture to the host, locate and copy the image link that ends with ".jpg". For this is called the "direct link".

For example:

1. Paste this direct link ending in .jpg to the forum post you want the image to be displayed in.
2. Highlight the entire image link and select the "Img" button at the top of the post.
This button will insert the image tag around the image link that is highlighted.

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Re: Posting Pictures

Postby Ken » 29 Mon Jun, 2020 3:33 pm

Dang I hate PHOTOBUCKET!!!!! I feel like they are holding every picture I have ever placed on their site hostage until you agree to a purchase account!!!! A quick google search and I see everyone feels the same. I'm glad I've always kept my own storage, but hate what it's done to our forums older posts. Please consider using for sharing pictures here and ALWAYS keep copies of your pictures on a safe reliable personal storage device.
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